Happy Easter, Shipmates!  We are getting down to the last few months before our reunion and things are getting exciting.  I know we have grandchildren that are in their last weeks of school, spring break is happening around the country and people are getting ready for the summer.

We have plans in the first week of October to meet in Jacksonville, Florida.  We will be out near the airport which is very close to I-95 interstate.  If you are driving to Jacksonville and coming down I-95 you will get off at the airport exit and cross over 3 lanes to turn at the next traffic light.  The hotel is about a quarter of a mile down the street on the right hand side.  When you see the Sleep Inn, you are almost there.

We are working with The St Mary’s Submarine Museum for a tour of the base and maybe a submarine.  Typically, they are working during the week so the weekends are better but we have something better for the weekend!

On Saturday, we will be headed out on a cruise!  Carnival cruise will be taking us to Nassau and Princess Cay for a 5 day cruise.  We are working on those plans and we will have POD coming out in the near future.

Unfortunately, we have a lot of Shipmates that have gone on eternal patrol.  We will be doing a remembrance ceremony for them like we did in Little Rock. We won’t have time to reflect on each person during the ceremony but there will be time when we are in the Hospitality Room to bring up those fond memories.

Have a wonderful Easter.  Don’t forget April 1st is the Chief Petty Officer birthday and April 11th is the Submarine birthday.