From: USS U.S. Grant Alumni Association President
To:  Shipmates, Families and Friends

Subj:  Update from the President

Happy Thanksgiving everyone,

Hopefully, everyone has fond memories of our reunion in Little Rock, AR this year.  We followed that up with a mini-reunion cruise around the Hawaiian Islands in October.  Now, we are settling back home and getting ready for Thanksgiving, and of course, CHRISTMAS!

We had our first board meeting in November and there were already changes and updates.  Tim Gaydos and the Reunion Committee that was selected in Little Rock has resigned.  Not to worry though,  the Jacksonville, Florida reunion in 2024 is still a go.  In the meantime, I will take over the duties of Reunion Chairman and Barbara will take the Cruise portion of the reunion.  We could use some help!  If you have some time and want to check out the hotels and the area activities, give me a call and we will work with you. 

Our website has a new look to it!  Tim Pacl has been working hard on moving it over and updating it.  It is still under construction and there are some links that are not working.  Please bear with us as we are getting the site cleared up and ready for action.  We will use email and social media sites to tell everyone about the newsletter.

Membership drive is on.  Jim DiBlascio has the database and we need to reach out and get in contact with all of our shipmates.  $10 for 2 years or $50 for lifetime membership.  If you have information on how we can contact shipmates, please let Jim know.  

2023 is what we call an off-year.  Our reunions are held every other year.  We can still get together in 2023, though.  If you have a group of 10 or more shipmates in your area, consider holding a min-reunion.  Tell us about it and we can get the word out to others who might want to travel and join you.  

If you know of Shipmates that have not joined the Association, please let someone on the board know.  We will send them a personal invitation and tell them what all we are doing.  If you know of a Shipmate on Eternal Patrol, please let Jim DiBlascio know so that we can keep the Sailing List updated. We will have a link on the website that shows those on Eternal Patrol.

Barbara and I want to wish each of you a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.