Thank you for your service, Submarine Shipmates!  It is November and we are counting down the days until our next reunion in Jacksonville, FL.

We made a trip down to Kings Bay, GA the first weekend of November to join the USSVI in the Submarine Veterans of WW II Memorial Weekend.  Larry and Ruth Jordan, Horst and Susie Ruckert, Jim Visny, and Warren Gooding were there also as we made a full week of honoring those WW II veterans.  We toured the St Marys Submarine Museum, toured the Trident Training Facility (TTFKB), and even got a tour of the USS Rhode Island (SSBN 740).

Thursday morning, we had breakfast at the base galley with our host being the base CMC and some of the COBs in the area.  Thursday evening, Submarine Squadron 36 hosted a BBQ dinner in which we witnessed some newly qualified Sailors receiving their dolphins, including 14 Sailors from a British Submarine.  They still drink their dolphins!

Friday morning was the Memorial Ceremony at the WW II Pavilion by TTF. followed by CO’s lunch at the base galley.  Friday evening, the Trident Refit Facility (TRF) Chief Petty Officer Association put on a Steak Night for us.

Saturday was another full day with presentations, book signing, and tours of the USS Rhode Island (SSBN 740).  No cameras and no cell phones so no pictures but it was a very interesting tour that was the better part of the afternoon.

We are working with Keith Post, Executive Director of St Marys Submarine Museum to get a  tour for our reunion.  The museum will be open for us and Keith will be our coordinator for the sub base tours.  

We currently have a day that you will be free to explore the area during our reunion.  There are a number of places to see around Jacksonville including the local zoo and golf courses.  If you want to go to the exchange, there are three in the area;  NAS Jacksonville, NS Mayport, and NB Kings Bay.  The CO of Kings Bay informed us that the golf course is rated as the best military golf course!

We have another day planned to visit St Augustine.  The plan is to ride down there on a charter bus and tour the fort and the shops in the area.  We will have a list of activities in the area and recommended shops for those interested.

We will be holding a memorial service to honor those Shipmates that are on Eternal Patrol.  We have received a mountain of information on our Shipmates and right now the count is about 90 that we have not recognized as no longer in our ranks.  We will need all hands on deck for this memorial service and we will make it memorable for everyone.

Please call the hotel and make your reservations.  Be sure to ask for the USS GRANT ALUMNI ASSOCIATION group rate.  Their parking lot is limited so if you plan to go on the cruise after the land portion, plan on driving down to the terminal.  The parking down there will be about $10 a day and it has more security than the hotel.

 Barbara and I want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving.